The British (Yarn) Invasion

Somewhere near the beginning of my crochet journey, I was watching instructional videos on YouTube when I came across the lovely Sarah-Jayne of the Bella Coco channel. Now Sarah-Jayne did two very dangerous (for me) things. She used yarn so gorgeous I wanted some.  She told me where to get it! She even pasted a link … Continue reading The British (Yarn) Invasion


But Grandmother! What big skeins you have!

I'm sure I'm not the only knitter and crocheter in the world who is on a budget. I didn't know this when I chose crocheting as the first craft I would learn, but crochet eats yarn like nobody's business. Inch for inch, crochet will require more yarn to make fabric than knitting will. Let's not … Continue reading But Grandmother! What big skeins you have!